We have completed hiring for our 2017 summer!  However, we are filling our Fall/Winrter programming and eprformance calendars.  Theater Teaching Artists and Theater Directors are always encouraged to apply as new positions arise frequently!  

Do you know someone who would be perfect for a position at mainstages? Forward this webpage to them and have them list you as a referral. If they are placed, YOU get $50…whether you work for mainstages or not!

Currently Available Theater and Specialty Positions


Five Boroughs and Long Island, NY- After School Teaching Artists and Theater Directors
Responsibilities include leading workshops, teaching theater skills and building productions with kids aged 6-13. Ideal candidates have flexible and open schedules Monday- Friday from 1pm-6pm. 


Dance and Theater Specialist- Five Boroughs and Long Island, NY!
Responsibilities include teaching dance AND theater on a rotating schedule, while producing high quality original productions during the summer. Hip Hop dance experience preferred. Ideal candidates have ample experience in their craft, experience teaching kids age 4-13 and camp experience is a plus but not necessary. Contact mainstages for details.


Have a special skill to add to the mix? New opportunities are popping up all the time and we could spotlight your application to camp partners with applicable positions. Tell us what you're looking for and we can refer you when a camp contacts us!

Check out this PDF for a general salary scale and full rundown of how mainstages jobs work! 

New York Theater Jobs